“My Modern home was just completed! From the start to the finish it took the 8 months as promised and Haley Custom Homes stayed on budget. Haley Custom Homes Rapid Build System is so impressive! The whole project came together so great, between the site manager, project manager, coordination with the subs, architect, designer and keeping me the owner up to date as we went along. It really was a pleasure to work with Haley Custom Homes and I can’t recommend them enough.”
— Amy Millisor
Thank you and the Haley Team for a beautiful product., we have given your team credit for the beautiful product and timeliness in completing it. The fact that you were able to hit the deadline after adding the entire exterior remodel to the scope, means a lot to us. As you know, we have been through renovations before and none have ever been so smoothly managed or executed.
— Sherry Fuessel

I have been extremely impressed with Haley Custom Homes. As I meet each week with Dan and his team, I always walk away confident that not only am I getting a very high quality home, but one that every detail is discussed and analyzed, as if it was a home that they were building for themselves. One very large attraction to Haley Custom Homes was that they said they could build it 33% faster than their competitors, with superior quality because of Haley’s “Rapid Build System”. We were in the house a month earlier than scheduled, YES that is correct. This is my third time building a customer home and I have never been more satisfied.
— Michael and Jane McDonald
We worked with Haley Custom Homes on an extensive remodel in the Country Club neighborhood. Dan is a pleasure to work with. Communication was excellent throughout the entire project. Travis and Loren were wonderful to work with as well. They went above and beyond. Always available and very responsive. The attention to detail was excellent. Extremely happy with the final result. Would love to work with the team again.
— Traci and Tom Gendron
Dan, You and your team are in a league of your own. It is quite clear to us that you have built your company on honesty and integrity. It has been a pleasure to work with you and we are quite sure that there is not another construction company that could have accomplished this remodel in the time, budget, and quality that your team did. With great respect and appreciation, thank you for all you did for us.
— Gary and Shelly Dragul
Haley Custom Homes did a magnificent job building our home. We can not say enough about the project managers that worked on our home. They communicated well and had an impressive attention to detail. They have a great program that gives you a step by step schedule of when things need to picked out, from light fixtures to paint color to cabinet hardware. If something was not just right, they were the first to make it right.
— Sean and Claire Goodrich
We used Haley Custom Homes for an extensive remodel of a condo in downtown Denver. Dan and his team did an excellent job of executing the build of our design. The attention to detail and commitment to getting it right was impressive. The supervision of all of the work was flawless. We would have no hesitation to highly recommend Haley Custom Homes to anyone.
— Tom and Cherie Barrett
We did a fairly large remodel to our home in Cherry Creek and have nothing but praise for Haley Custom Homes. They always took our calls and responded to any problems quickly and to this day ( we finished the project about a year ago), they still are there if we need something. You get what you pay for, and having them manage the entire project, made it much easier for us and the job finished on time. I highly recommend them.
— Sheila Lyons
Duet Design Group experience with Haley Custom Homes was fantastic! It was refreshing to work with another company that prides themselves on great work, happy clients, and fantastic design execution. The staff members that Dan Fuller has working on his projects are professional, kind, and very responsive. They committed to an end date, and successfully did not go a day over! Haley’s execution of our vision for the space was spot on! The communication between our firm, the client’s, and his team were effortless. Duet Design Group would highly recommend Haley Custom Homes.
— Devon Tobin
“From the beginning of my job, I was going to be out of town for most all of the job, and I really needed a company that I could trust, and feel like I knew what was happening on my job. Through the customized website they built for me, which included my project schedule, notes from conversations and meetings, to any change order that was approved by me, I had all this information in one place. The attention to detail showed in the quality of craftsmanship. The team made me feel like they always had my back, and Haley Custom Homes’s problem solving during the job was great, thank you!”
— Louis Amundson, NBA Athlete, Cherry Creek Residence
“Now that we’ve been in the house for a month and are settling in, I wanted to pass on my appreciation for all of the effort you guys put in on our project. It couldn’t of turned out better and I know that without you guys leading the way there are a lot of decisions we would have made that I would be regretting right now. From my whole family THANK YOU.”
— Andy & Susan Ward, Cherry HIlls Residence
“As this is our fifth house, we feel qualified to evaluate construction, the attention to detail and overall expertise of a builder. You and your associates are a credit to your industry and truly professionals in all respects.”
— Luke & Nancy Boland, Cherry Hills Residence
“Dan and his staff always responded in an expeditious and thorough fashion, they cared for our home and worked on the project as if it was their own. We give Haley Custom Homes the highest of recommendations.”
— Drew Goodman, Colorado Rockies TV Broadcaster, Greenwood Village Residence
“The creativity of Haley Custom Homes in the field to solve problems was constant. I would recommend you and your company to anyone who is looking for high quality, high communication, at a fair price.”
— Lucy Conklin, Tessa Mesa Custom Home
“Your whole team has always been extremely polite, very good craftsman and a pleasure to have working on our home. We are truly enjoying the house you built for us and it is exactly what we imagined it would be. “
— Pete & Susan Neidecker, Denver Country Club
“Dan runs his company with integrity, honesty and true professionalism. Dan runs his company with integrity, honesty and true professionalism. Companies run by people of his caliber are far and few between. In the event we choose to build another home, we would love the opportunity to work with Dan again.”
— Wayne & Nona Yakes, Greenwood Village Residence
“We loved the whole building process and appreciated the professionalism you and your company brought to finishing our dream home. We would use Haley. if we ever build another new home.”
— Jim & Stacey McDonald, Greenwood Village Residence
“Dan was the consummate professional, honest and eager to meet all our needs and challenges in order to build the home of our dreams. Haley Custom Homes kept our budget in mind, giving us input on where best to save and where we needed to upgrade. We would highly recommend them. “
— Tom Jordan & Diane Woodworth-Jordan, Cherry Hills Residence
“The professionalism of the “team” that you have working for you and with you, made our building process an enjoyable one.  I feel that your team treated everyone, from the Architect, to the Designer, to my wife and I with respect.  Haley Custom Homes did a very good job keeping our project moving forward and keeping us informed. 
— Dave Lehman, Cherry Creek Penthouse
“The project was extremely well managed, on-time and within budget. Every staff member we came in contact with, along with their subs, were fair, ethical and performed quality work. It was a great experience from beginning to end.”
— Steve & Melissa Nelligan, Bowmar Residence